Picking the Date

Picking the date would seem like an easy chore, but often it is more difficult than you might think. First you have to consider what time of year you would like your wedding. While most people choose summer months, remember that a wedding dress can be quite warm on an unexpectedly hot summer day. If you have relatives coming from out of town that are important to your day, you might want to talk to them and make sure they are available on the day you have chosen.

Whatever you choose, try not to get too caught up on having your wedding on one particular date. Remember that you want to enjoy your wedding day and be surrounded by the people you love. In the years to come, the fact that you couldn’t have it on the anniversary of your first date will become unimportant. Besides, if you keep the dates that are special to you separate, it gives you more days to celebrate in the future.

Best Wishes, Barbara