Let’s Get Started!

Congratulations, you’re getting married. It’s best to start planning the wedding right away, particularly if you want to have the church or reception location of your choice. It takes about a year to plan a large wedding. Start simply. Your first two major decisions are where to have the ceremony and where to have the reception. Your wedding location can be at a variety of places. The most obvious of these is a church. However, there are many other options. Outside somewhere, at someone’s home, on site at the reception location, even at city hall. I myself have hosted two weddings at my home, right in my living room. Whip the couch around and set up a decorated arch and a few chairs, and bingo, a lovely place to get married.

The reception can also be in many locations. At a banquet house, at an outside location, in a hired hall such as a firehall, in a restaurant, in someone’s home, anywhere that you have the room you need and the atmosphere that you would like for your guests.

When making this list it is best to have an idea of your budget and perhaps a rough idea of the number of guests. This will help you eliminate locations that are not suited to what you have in mind.

In the following weeks, we’ll discuss what goes on once you make these two basic decisions and the decisions that you will be required to make in the future.

Best Wishes, Barbara